Our focus is currently on the delivery of mobile HIV testing clinics to hard-to-reach locations across Africa. Our vision is to deliver world class health services to all areas where there is a need for healthcare, through our world class technology driven mobile solutions, allowing everyone the opportunity to live a long and healthy life.

Mensana Mobile Health vehicles have the capacity to test, screen, and counsel up to 300 patients per day, testing for CD4, TB, viral load, creatinine etc. The on-site lab deliver results within a few hours and the mobile clinic can dispense ARVs on the same day. The mobile HIV clinics have the following major equipment on board:

One-stop, same day, rapid treatment initiation has been proven to improve the success and adherence of HIV treatment, and will help South Africa in its goal to obtain the World Health Organisation 90-90-90 objective and eradicate HIV by 2030.

The HIV solution was launched in August 2016 and has overcome our greatest expectations, with more people tested on average than at brick and mortar clinics. Significantly, more men have been tested than anticipated and it has become evident that mobile clinics are a sustainable solution to provide testing anonymously in communities where stigma is still linked to the illness.